Decir que me siento de la chingada y prácticamente sin ganas de vivir…. es poco

Comprando botas quirúrgicas
Vendedor: ¿necesitas nota?
Yo: no, así está bien
Vendedor: ¿sí te creen?
Yo: son para mi (¡IMBECIL!)
Vendedor: ¿estudias Medicina?
Yo: sí (pendejo)
Vendedor: ¿y entonces por qué no estás de blanco?
Yo: pues porque (¡Qué te importa hijo de tu puta madre!)
Hello dear followers!!!

I know I’m not tumblr famous, maybe I’ve never even spoken to you all, must of you would say: who the fuck is she and why am I following her… regardless of that, I’d like to ask A FAVOR FROM YOU.

As mexican citizens, we’re living a situation of repression, maybe not like in Venezuela, but apparentely our government, with their actions, is leading us that way.

This time our “beloved and kind” president intends to create a law, called “Ley Telecom” in wich he practically takes away our right to express and inform throughout social networks and internet in general.

Here I will leave you a link where it is explained in a more accurate way so you can understand this situation:

 What’s happening in Mexico? A global call for Freedom 

It would be a really big big favor for us mexicans that people all around the world would help us raise our voice, spread the word throughout social media such as Twitter, Facebook or even here on Tumblr.

This is the only place where I can openly express myself and I know at least one or two people will listen… so please… help us. Thank you.



Weird doesn’t even begin to describe this show

but perfect does

I was born with an enormous need for affection, and a terrible need to give it.
Audrey Hepburn (via pussyisdead)


you did not run and you looked plenty guilty


Torcon October 2013 (x) versus Sam and Cas's relationship in season 9.
I feel like their relationship has come a long way this season.